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"You must decide for yourself how and when you take care of your body hair"

Puberty is not always that easy. Your body is changing, body hair are coming,

and Veet perfectly understand what you’re feeling. That’s why the brand chose to be on the young ladies’ side by denouncing

the body hair shaming through #VeetParlonsPoils’s campaign.

To support young ladies through this important step of choosing their depilation method, Veet produced one big film spread on social medias and two other mini film who aim at showing the girls how to depilate with Veet’s products through little stories. 


Agency : BETC

Creative Director : Marie Baillot

Art Director: Marie-Léa Pereira

Copywriter : Camille Ferrari

Director : Yasmina Solanes

Producer : Matt Grousset

Production company : The Gang

Music/VO : Interference

Agency producers : Tanguy Dairaine/Felix Vroegop

VEET team : Delphine Lebleme, Patricia De La Torre, Camille Rieu, Alexia Mache, Lauryanne Sam

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